February 23-27 :  "Seniors and People with Disabilities Matter" Week at NC General Assembly
Advocacy is a continuous process and is most effective when multiple people make multiple approaches to legislators with their messages.  To that end, the NCALTCF is joining with other organizations that serve older adults and people with disabilities to emphasize to the NC legislators that "Seniors and People with Disabilities Matter!" 

Plan how your facility will participate:

  *   Seek to get articles about people who use adult day services in the local newspaper and stores on the radio and television.
  *   Send photos to local newspapers of participants and/or their families engaged in activities at the adult day center.
  *   Appeal to family caregivers and community supporters about the need and opportunity for adult day services supporters to speak up for our tax dollars to be invested in services for seniors and people with disabilities.
  *   Send letters to the editor of your local newspaper about the need for services, funding, etc.
  *   Tell stories of participants and their families using social media (with their permission, of course).
  *   Host an "event" or activity during the week to engage the community and draw attention to issues and/or to educate the public about adult day services.
  *   Invite legislators to your center on Monday or Friday while they are at home--they are usually in Raleigh on Monday evening through Thursday.
  *   Organize a letter writing campaign and/or call your Representative or Senator.  (Talking points will be forthcoming.)
  *   Wear red and attend the Lobby Day and Press Conference at the NC General Assembly (and bring participants or send their family members) to help legislators see the faces of people for the issues we are calling attention to.  (Lobby Day will be Feb 24, 25 or 26)

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