2017 AIT Training Dates
Month Days Location Sponsor
February 7th and 8th NCALTCF main office  
April 11th and 12th NCALTCF main office
June 13th and 14th NCALTCF main office
August 8th and 9th NCALTCF main office
October 10th and 11th NCALTCF main office  

**Lunch will be provided both days.**

NCALTCF is proud to be a provider of The Certified Administrator's Program. We offer a 120 hour, State Approved training for anyone interested in becoming a liscensed Administrator. Our program is enhanced with Medicaid operational procedures and systems to help the new Administrator become an asset for any facility providing care to residents approved for Medicaid benefits.

AIT Brochure and Registration

For a full list of state qualifications to become an Administrator, visit DHSR website here.